Like regular bets, long-term bets require careful analysis. You need to start it with the knowledge of the microclimate that prevails within the team at the pre-season training camp.

The fewer negative interviews athletes give, the better.

Not the last role is played by the quality of work of the selection department. Here the thesis “the more – the better” does not work. It is better to reinforce pinpoint positions with strong players than to buy packs of performers not knowing how they will take root in the team and whether they will be able to play at a high level.

Much depends on the relationship between the club’s management and the coach with his staff.

If the credibility is maximum, it is easier for mentors to work and prepare the team to reach the top. When, in the course of the season, rearrangements are coming on the coaching bridge, this rarely leads to high results.

You also need to pay attention to the odds offered by the bookmaker. For example, to flirt with winning the next champion title of Bayern Munich in Germany for kf. 1.2-1.25 seems not the most reasonable solution. Yes, this “car” is the undisputed favorite of the new Bundesliga season. But after all, the main competitors at the training camp do not waste time in vain. Moreover, sooner or later the hegemony will end. Indeed, in the world in general, and in sports in particular, nothing is eternal. Confirmation of this is the victory of Inter Milan in the Italian Serie A of the 20/21 season after Juventus from Turin won nine consecutive championships.

Do not forget to take into account the complexity of the calendar.

Leading clubs often play in several prestigious tournaments in parallel. This may affect the physical condition and results at the end of the season. This means that the team must have the depth of the composition in order to rotate at times – otherwise, it will be incredibly difficult to get even one title.

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