Bettors use different betting strategies that require careful study in advance. Surely, not many bettors have heard about Takeoff, and today we will consider how it works and how effective it can be if used correctly.

It is worth noting that the Takeoff strategy was developed exclusively for betting on football. You can, of course, still use this tactic in forecasting hockey matches, but given the dynamism and unpredictability of this sport, it’s better not to risk it.
Bets are placed on goals – more precisely, their absence during the first 15 minutes of the match.

According to statistics, early goals in football are scored in no more than 12-15% of matches, depending on the tournament. To compare and confirm the effectiveness, it is enough to open the betting line and look at the quotes for the outcome “Total less than 0.5 from the 1st to the 15th minute of the match”, which will be approximately at the level of 1.3 and even up to 1.5 when they meet a clear favorite with an outsider of the meeting. Applying simple mathematical calculations, we will see that the player in any case remains in the black at a distance, because statistics are a stubborn thing that should be trusted.

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